Paper Structures  

Art, Mathematics, Origami, Paper


Zupełnie niesamowita jest liczba prostych konstrukcji, które można wykonać na kwadratowej kartce papieru.

Spirals are the most important part of paper models named Twirls.

GSO Galicyjskie Spotkania z Origami
Galician Origami Meeting - every month origami meetings in Krakow or near Krakow. And every origami event we organize.

Plenery origami / Outdoor Origami Meetings
There are every year origami conventions in Krakow or near Krakow since 2002.

GBO Galicyjski Biuletyn Origami
There are informations about previous and next events, invitations and reports, Twirl Gallery and news of Galician Origami Meetings and Polich origami conventions.

Origami is the art of paper folding. We are really keen on so we would like to present our thinking on it, its history, famous creators, author's laws, paper and folding technics. General about origami, origami associations and conventions.

Art & Origami

Origami is the Art of Paper Folding. There are famous artists, exhibitions and galleries, artistic events and books we would like to present.

Math and origami
Math and origami are joined together very strong. There are geometrical constructions, science researches, science conferencies (OSME). And of course mathematical origami models.

Education & Origami
Origami is a powerful tool in education, specially in math education.

Strona origami Krystyny Burczyk
Articles from the first version of our website (1998-2005) described polyhedral origami models and other geometric models.


GGO (en GOG – Galician Group of Origami)
Galician Group of Origami is the group of  artists and . They organize Galician Origami Meetings (GSO) and international Outdoor Origami Meetings (the Polish origami convention) every year.

For Twirl-ed People (Registered)
This is a part for people really keen on Twirls,  origami models with spirals. Diagrams of our models, not only Twirls. This is a part with articles only for our ori-friends and math-fiends. Would you like to be our friend?

KB Artworks
The most interesting and important artworks by Krystyna Burczyk

KWB Projects and Artworks
We've started our interest in origami over 10 years ago. There are a few our interesting ori-projects, books about Twirls and Bow-ties. We participated in over one hundred origami  conventions and conferences.

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